Our Services :

We provide Trained Manpower & Specialised Services such as: -
1. Chief Security Officers
2. Security / Safety Officers
3. Security Supervisors
4. Field Officers
5. Security Guards with / without weapons
6. Fire Protection Squad
7. Security Van / Cash Van
8. Trained Dog Squads
9. Lady Guards
10. Intelligence and Vigilance
11. Gunmen / Revolver Men (PSO – Personal Security Officer)


While offering our clients all types of services as mentioned above, we also undertake to ensure the following:
1. Responsibility for all aspects of security at your premises
2. To provide insurance coverage to our employees
3. No theft/pilferage occurs due to negligence of our employees
4. Carry out liaison with Police and arrange for their assistance in case of any problem
5. Day & Night surprise visits by the Field Officers
6. Our security personnel are always alert and take utmost care to avoid any skirmish in the work area
7. In this process, we ensure the safety of all the assets as in human, machines and infrastructure
8. We take care to plan out the security policy ardently. The sentinel are being placed strategically in order to avoid any kind of intrusion.

We assure total peace, harmony and stress-free atmosphere. We are a customer-focused organization and therefore we understand our customers’ current and future needs, meet their requirements and strive to exceed their expectations.